RinCon 2018 has ended
Online Game sign-up is now closed.  
Come to the Registration Desk on-site to sign up for games.

On Site Registration
$50 Full Weekend
$20 Friday
$25 Saturday
$15 Sunday

$25 Kids’ Track Full Weekend
$10 Kids’ Track Friday
$15 Kids’ Track Saturday
$10 Kids’ Track Sunday

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Shane Hensley

Chandler, Arizona
Shane Hensley is the President of Pinnacle Entertainment Group, makers of Savage Worlds, Deadlands, and much more. He's served as an Executive Producer and lead on several video and computer games, written novels, short stories, card and miniature games, and tons of roleplaying games and supplements for everyone from his own company to Ulisses, TSR, White Wolf, FASA, West End Games, and many, many more. He's a former US Army vet, has a Masters in Political Science, and loves to run in the hot sun of Arizona.