RinCon 2018 has ended
Online Game sign-up is now closed.  
Come to the Registration Desk on-site to sign up for games.

On Site Registration
$50 Full Weekend
$20 Friday
$25 Saturday
$15 Sunday

$25 Kids’ Track Full Weekend
$10 Kids’ Track Friday
$15 Kids’ Track Saturday
$10 Kids’ Track Sunday

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Carl Rustenbeck

So, you wanna know who I really am?
I'm a rabid humanist. A hopeless romantic. A scientific thinker. A cynic. A pessimist. A day dreamer. I'm loaded to the brim with empathy and compassion.
I'm an optimist. A warrior. An angel. A meat eater. Vegetarians are prejudice, who says plants don't feel pain?
I'm over opinionated. I'm shy. I'm an artist. A thinker not a doer. A doer not a thinker. A hunter-gatherer. A klutz. A closet geek. I'm a music lover. A nature lover. A dog lover. A cat lover. A mouse lover.
I'm an admirer of anything beautiful. Of words. Of colors. Of putting my foot in my mouth. I enjoy procrastinating, and enjoy taking action. Reading. Role playing. Adventuring. I'm an enigma. I'm as shallow as a muddy puddle.
Friday, September 28

8:00pm MST

Saturday, September 29

9:00am MST

2:00pm MST

Sunday, September 30

9:00am MST